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The Krimson Kult Album Now Streaming on All Platforms! 

The Krimson Kult has finally arrived on streaming platforms! Hear the complete album now:


Apple Music:<br><br>

Amazon Music:




The album is available in our store on CD, cassette, glow-in-the-dark vinyl, and deluxe booklet, all with free autograph options available!

Gigs, singles, and pre-orders! 

Legion of Thunder! Today we're celebrating the release of our new single, Behind the Light! You can stream it at any of these locations:

Tomorrow in Baltimore, we'll be playing at Zen West! We hope to see you there, but if you can't make it, you can buy tickets to the livestream and watch from home! The livestream will be available for 48 hours after purchase, just in case you need to watch it a little later.

In other news, Nina has just returned from Texas where she recorded more songs with Kevin! More Thunder is on the horizon, so keep your eyes and ears open for more updates!

The Krimson Kult Trilogy on Kickstarter Now! 

It's the rise of the Krimson Kult! 

We're collaborating with award-winning filmmaker Ivan Mulero to bring the characters and concepts from the new album to life on film in The Krimson Kult Trilogy!

Fans can help us complete the project by backing the Kickstarter campaign which runs until February 18, 2022. Backers get access to rewards including a campaign-exclusive t-shirt, art & lyrics book, comic books, and having their names appear in the trilogy credits! 

See the official trailer and back the Kickstarter campaign here:

Campaign-exclusive "Orb Weaver" t-shirt

Official QUEEN OF HELL Mead from Wyrd Leather & Mead! 

The Queen has arrived! We're proud to announce the official Queen of Hell cherry melomel from our good friends at Wyrd Leather And Mead! 

This dry cherry melomel was made with local Oregon High Desert Honey and tart cherries, offering a slight hint of summer on the tongue. It may come from hell...but it tastes like heaven! 

This release is limited! 100 bottles have been allocated for online sale, with more reserved for in-person sale at Wyrd's epic mead hall in Portland, Oregon! 

Shipping is available to 40+ states as well as for sale in our hall! (Sorry, shipping is currently limited to the United States.)

Grab your Queen of Hell mead at the official Wyrd Leather & Mead web shop:



New album announcement: It's the rise of the Krimson Kult! 

The Krimson Kult front cover artwork by Joseph Schmalke

A Sound of Thunder is proud to announce the Kickstarter campaign for our seventh original studio album, entitled The Krimson Kult. Production of the album is dependent on the all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign which runs from April 28th through May 28th. If the campaign is successful we will record the album in June with a tentative release date in October. 

The Krimson Kult is available for pre-order (exclusively via Kickstarter) in the following formats:

  • CD digipak
  • Glow-in-the-dark splatter vinyl
  • Cassette 
  • Digital download

Kevin '131' Gutierrez (Raven, While Heaven Wept) will return to produce, engineer, and mix the album.

Cover artist Joseph Schmalke (The Electric Black, Cherry Blackbird) is creating an original piece of art for each song on the album, to be presented alongside the lyrics, creating an audio-visual album experience. 

In addition to The Krimson Kult album, we are also creating a new non-album single based on Valiant Entertainment's SHADOWMAN comic book series. Horror author and Shadowman series writer Cullen Bunn is collaborating with the band on lyrics for the song.

Kickstarter backers will also have access to a brand new A Sound of Thunder exclusive variant cover edition of the Shadowman #1 comic book from Valiant Entertainment. The cover by artist Paul Pelletier (Incredible Hulk, Batgirl) features Shadowman and the members of A Sound of Thunder in an homage to the cover of Iron Maiden's classic album The Number of the Beast.

Shadowman #1 A Sound of Thunder Exclusive Variant Comics
Modern Variant (500 Copies) - Virgin Art Variant (50 Copies) - Classic Variant (50 Copies)

More information, including video messages from the band, clips of the album demos, and more merchandise options are available on the Kickstarter campaign page



We have released our acoustic cover of the Black Sabbath song “Too Late” as a streaming single. The song was originally written and recorded by the Ronnie James Dio-fronted lineup of Black Sabbath for the Dehumanizer album, released in 1992. A Sound of Thunder’s version of “Too Late” is available on all major music streaming services worldwide from April 2nd. 

Listeners will hear a drastically different version of “Too Late” in our version. We chose to strip the song down to its most basic elements in order to emphasize Ronnie James Dio’s lyrics. The lone vocal track and single acoustic guitar accompaniment are meant to reinforce the sense of isolation and despair inherent in the original composition. 


You can find “Too Late” on their favorite streaming service at the following link:


"Too Late" high quality download available FREE here:

"Too Late" is available on physical media on the 2CD edition of Parallel Eternity:


The new album has arrived! We're celebrating our 10th anniversary with Parallel Eternity which is both an album and a book chronicling the first ten years of A Sound of Thunder!

We collaborated with composer Brad Charles to create the most epic version of A Sound of Thunder yet: fully orchestrated and over the top! The centerpiece of the album is the 13+ minute "Explorer", a song so epic it spans seasons and crosses continents! The album also features new orchestral versions of fan favorite tracks with new vocal arrangements and new guitar solos.

To fully celebrate 10 years of Thunder you'll want the 2CD edition which features 12 additional tracks not found on the vinyl or digital albums! These include two brand new songs plus crazy alternate versions of fan favorites in various styles from Celtic to, we're not kidding! 

The Parallel Eternity deluxe book is a 72-page history of the first decade of ASoT, featuring tons of photos, artwork, full album lyrics, band commentary and more. Imagine an album booklet, tour book, and biography all rolled into one! 

Parallel Eternity is due out on December 18th worldwide, but physical copies are shipping now from our webstore with free autograph options!


Limited 2CD Digipak (Buy It)

Disc 1

1. A Sound of Thunder

2. Explorer

3. Walls

4. The Buried Truth

5. Discovery

6. Time's Arrow

7. Queen of Hell

8. Udoroth

9. Can't Go Back

10. Els Segadors (The Reapers)

11. Phantom Flight

Disc 2

1. Elijah

2. Too Late (Acoustic)(Black Sabbath cover)

3. La Presó del Rei de França

4. Phantom Flight (Classical)

5. Els Segadors (Classical)

6. A Sound of Thunder (Classical Instrumental)

7. Can't Go Back (Shadowave)

8. Udoroth (That One Club From That Movie Blade Where the Sprinklers Spray Blood)

9. Kill That Bitch (Thunder-Wubz)

10. Discovery (Mystical)

11. I'll Walk With You (Ethereal)

12. Reign of the Hawklords (Ancient World)


Limited 2 x 12" Clear 3-Color Splatter Vinyl (Buy It)

(Limited edition of 350 copies)

1. A Sound of Thunder 

2. Explorer 

3. Walls 

4. The Buried Truth 

5. Discovery 

6. Time's Arrow 

7. Queen of Hell 

8. Udoroth 

9. Can't Go Back 

10. Els Segadors (The Reapers) 

11. Phantom Flight


Digital Album (Buy It)

1. A Sound of Thunder 

2. Explorer 

3. Walls 

4. The Buried Truth 

5. Discovery 

6. Time's Arrow 

7. Queen of Hell 

8. Udoroth 

9. Elijah

10. Can't Go Back 

11. Els Segadors (The Reapers) 

12. Phantom Flight 


Parallel Eternity album and book bundles are now available in our official store! New items like embroidered baseball hats, enamel pins and face masks have been added too. Check them all out HERE


Vinyl + 2CD + Deluxe Book + Enamel Pin Bundle:

Splatter Vinyl + Slipmat (free with all vinyl orders)

Parallel Eternity 2CD:

Enamel Pin:


Thunder-Stuff - Episode 7 (Unleash the $%^#$@ Fury!) 

Nina, Josh and special guest Jesse Keen discuss Yngwie Malmsteen's latest unleashing of the fury, Metallica's new vinyl club, Avatar's Kickstarter success, and the Moonsorrow/Finntroll Nazi connection. This week's album review is Carnivore by Body Count (featuring Ice T). 

Reference Links: 



Thunder-Stuff - Episode 5 (Two Judas Priests Walk Into A Bar) 

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  • The Krimson Kult - Vinyl Album w/ Glow-in-the-Dark Jacket (Choose Your Color)

The Krimson Kult - Vinyl Album w/ Glow-in-the-Dark Jacket (Choose Your Color)


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  • The Krimson Kult - T-Shirt

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