Queen of Hell: Initium #1 Comic and Surprise Bonus EP Released for Kickstarter Backers!

Our upcoming project Queen of Hell: Initium is nearing completion! Kickstarter backers have been sent a special advance digital copy of the Initium #1 comic book and a special surprise bonus EP featuring three alternate versions of the song “Only One Can Rule” and a podcast taking a deep dive into the song's creation. 

We've also provided a big update on the future of the  band. See the full update on Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asoundofthunder/queen-of-hell-initium/posts/4000730

Queen of Hell: Initium #1 - Cover A - Dusan Markovic

Only One Can Rule - Kickstarter Exclusive Bonus EP

Queen of Hell: Initium #4 - Page 06 art by Mike Ratera, colors by Max Bayo

Queen of Hell: Initium #6 - Page 09 art by Mike Ratera

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