1. Tower of Souls
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Tower of Souls

Trapped on the Deadside
For so many years
The master’s preparing to rule
Transforming immortal suffering souls
Building an army of ghouls

The Eaters
Seeking the souls that flee
Consume them
Bring Darque their energy

The master is building a tower of souls
Immortal suffering thrives
To break the barrier, conquer the earth
From the Deadside
Oh… a tower of souls

Only the shadow can bring the master’s
Plan down on his head
A distraction is needed
So Darque empowers
Samedi, Lord of the Dead

On Earth the body count rises
But Darque is the one Samedi despises

The master is building a tower of souls
To focus the power he stole
To break the barrier, return to the Earth
Kill all who suffer the cruelty of birth
Oh… tower of souls

We’re all monsters in a world so cruel
Blind to the endless horror, we’re all fools

He wants to break the wheel
And end all suffering
To rise and challenge God
By killing all who live and dream

With every new soul
The tower grows taller
Yet on Earth, Darque is betrayed
The lord of the dead
Appeals to the shadow
An unholy alliance is made

The master is building a tower of souls
Darque and the shadow collide
Waging a war for the Earth
On the Deadside

Samedi commands all those who have died
The shadow destroys the dark
On the Deadside
Oh...the master impaled
Oh...his plan has failed