1. Udoroth

From the recording The Lesser Key of Solomon

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Once miniscule, clawed from the ranks of slime
Condemned to pay for every mortal crime
A soul so loathsome, even demons tremble
His name is misery, depraved, divine

The lust for agony that long laid dormant
Has woken in his damned desire for abhorrent, loathsome pain

Fear his name
Mercy is not authorized in his domain
The demon lord
Laying waste to man’s dominion with his horde
A reign of fear and carnage that shall be restored

A feast of flesh, to dominate, devour
Growing in atrocious obscene power
Mastering the hellish death domain
Demon blood now courses through his veins

There's no escape from eyes of flame and torment
His grip is tighter than the manacles of iron and the chains

Torturous king
He whips the backs of his choir to make them sing

There's no escape
From his flail
Flesh and gore are such a bore without the wails
Cries of the tortured to his rule are hails

The scrying pool foretold the epoch of his reign
Reflected in the blood his rise from hell's domain

He takes the bridge to earth, dark souls at his command
And challenges the queen for the destiny of man

He will bring forth subjugation
Of the damned for all to see
Souls enthralled, the culmination
Of his torment mastery

Cults enslaved to his destruction
Summon forth a new rebirth
Udoroth, the lord of demons
Rise up, overthrow the earth

Now called again through to the other side
On hell and earth his power un-denied
A plan in motion from the ages born
To rule the living, dead, with no divide

An evil reckoning will burn the future
And no one ever will deny him of his right

Fear his name
Mercy is not authorized in his domain
Now, quake with fear
Death comes to all
And the darkest lust is sentenced to the deepest fall
All who stand before him shall be made to crawl