The Queen Calls for Aid!

Legion of Thunder, the Queen of Hell: Initium Kickstarter campaign is marching on...but we have hit the dreaded mid-campaign slow-down!

As of today we are NOT on pace to hit all of our stretch goals! New pledges have slowed down as we're fighting social media algorithms and e-mail filters to get the message out!

We have an insanely heavy and awesome bonus single called "Rock Until You Die" that we'd love to record for you, plus two more issues of the Queen of Hell: Initium comic and a deluxe hardcover edition left to unlock...but those things won't happen without your support!

We're still 100% independent and 100% fan-funded after all these years. It's up to the Legion of Thunder to make Queen of Hell: Initium as awesome as it can be! So we encourage you to fight for the Queen of Hell and back the Kickstarter!


Here's the Sword of Stretch Goal Progress...let's get this thing to the TOP! 


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