Summer fun!

We'll be in NYC this July and Rehoboth Beach this August! See you there!!

The Krimson Kult Trilogy on Kickstarter Now!

It's the rise of the Krimson Kult! 

We're collaborating with award-winning filmmaker Ivan Mulero to bring the characters and concepts from the new album to life on film in The Krimson Kult Trilogy!

Fans can help us complete the project…

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Official QUEEN OF HELL Mead from Wyrd Leather & Mead!

The Queen has arrived! We're proud to announce the official Queen of Hell cherry melomel from our good friends at Wyrd Leather And Mead! 

This dry cherry melomel was made with local Oregon High Desert Honey and tart cherries, offering…

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The new album has arrived! We're celebrating our 10th anniversary with Parallel Eternity which is both an album and a book chronicling the first ten years of A Sound of Thunder!

We collaborated with composer Brad Charles to create the…

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Thunder-Stuff - Episode 7 (Unleash the $%^#$@ Fury!)

Nina, Josh and special guest Jesse Keen discuss Yngwie Malmsteen's latest unleashing of the fury, Metallica's new vinyl club, Avatar's Kickstarter success, and the Moonsorrow/Finntroll Nazi connection. This week's album review is Carnivore by Body Count (featuring Ice T). 


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THUNDER-STUFF - Episode 2 (The Rocking Dead)

Ronnie James Dio and Malcolm Young return from the grave! Nina and Josh discuss rockers' legacies living on after death, a tragic start to 2020 for drummers, Kat Von D's upcoming metal album, power metal band Tanagra's international…

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