From the recording Theme From Shadowman

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Welcome to the nexus of metal, disco, and the Valiant Universe! Shadowman guards the Earth from the things that go bump in the night, but nothing bumps in the night like asses on the dance floor. With a lyrical contribution from Shadowman series author Cullen Bunn, "Theme From Shadowman" brings Valiant's iconic comic book character to life with a catchy new theme song!


Past the mortal curtain
Hidden by the veil
The boneyard of the Deadside
Where the buried wail

The Shadowman, the Loa
Immortal souls entwined
To serve the living and the dead
In kind

(He seeks the blight)
(Hidden from the light)

We catch glimpses of the truth
Under every bed
Inn a stranger's eyes, a knife
Lurking in every head

The veil protects us
It keeps the monsters from our minds
The tiny bits of truth are hidden
From all mankind

(Destroys the blight)
(Hides the veil from sight)
(Moves between two planes)
(He will rise again)