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Children of the Dark

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Children of the Dark

In the darkness I can feel him
My brother calls from the other side
Twins born as one
Now on the run I hide
Let me tell you why

Our birth brought forth
Our mother’s death
Pale and strange we made no sound
Now she rests beside
Our siblings in the ground

In 1812, the Darque plantation
On slave-driven land
We began to train
Under father’s command

We both grew rich with knowledge
Anyone could see we thrived

Our father said the art was all
A power we must bear
But how can such magic generate despair

Such potential held within
They saw us as the devil’s kin
But we could not be undone
We were strong, we were one

We were the children of the dark
Guided by our father
Toward the light
Children of the dark
To reach Lyceum
And plunder paradise

Father carved our skin
With the grand veves
The markings granted power and control
Of the gate to Lyceum
Where all secrets are told

On our eighteenth birthday
The journey would begin

I lead the way to Lyceum
So father might follow me

My brother stayed
As the anchor to the earth
Our father watched my rise
He knew the price I must pay
He knew that I must die

Our bond too strong, as I lay dying
My brother gave me breath
And in his vengeance
He brought our father
To his knees and to his death

Every living soul devoured
My brother killed them all for their power

He became the master (of the dark)
The son destroys the father
So many sacrificed
We were the children of the dark
Who wield untold power
But power must come from life
Children of the dark
We were strong, we were one
Children of the dark