PARALLEL ETERNITY Kickstarter comes to successful conclusion!

The Kickstarter campaign for our 10th anniversary orchestral album PARALLEL ETERNITY came to a successful conclusion on November 25th!  The campaign ultimately exceeded the $40,000 fundraising goal, finishing with a whopping $55,656 raised by exactly 666 backers! 

All campaign stretch…


So close to our goal!!

Legion of Thunder, we're getting so close to our first goal! Around 85% to be exact! We're hoping to make our first goal of $40k by Halloween, so spread the word and tell the masses! Click here to visit the


Live from the Deadside hits $20,000!

Once again, the Legion of Thunder has surpassed all expectations! Live from the Deadside has made $20,000! Pat yourselves on the back, and check in for more updates on stretch goals! Who knows where it can go from here? We've…

Catalonia 2018!

Legion of Thunder, we're happy to announce our next tour in Catalonia! October is a very important month over there and we're so thankful we were able to make these shows happen. See you soon! Bon cop de falç!


New Shows!

Legion of Thunder! We're getting hyped for our next few shows, all of which have a very specific theme! 

We'll be playing on Friday August 24th at CENTER STAGE GAMING AND COMIC-CON!  Come for the metal, stay for…


We spoke with artist and writer Rafer Roberts about his work on the It Was Metal graphic novel. Rafer wrote three stories in the book and drew one story. We first encountered Rafer on the comics convention scene through our…